ROID Series


ARMROID was born from a perfect union of machine tool and robotic engineering. This next­ generation robot system can fundamentally change the various issues facing manufacturing. By doing the work that was previously done by human hands, the robot will perform every job imaginable, increase productivity overall, and deliver on its promise to be the key player in tomorrow's production systems. That automation will enable humans to perform higher value-added activities, and focus on future challenges.



[ ] = Optional


Connectable with LB3000 EXII L T, L C500, M T, M C500, MY T, MY C450, Connectable with MULTUS B250II, Collision Avoidance System

Control axis

4 axis (J1, J2, J3, J4)

Max. payload


Max. working range



+/- 0.05mm

Environmental specification


End effector stocker

3 End effector

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Features: Connectable with MB-46V, MB-56V, GENOS M460V, GENOS M560V, GENOS L3000, MU-S600V, MU-4000V, Collision Avoidance System Control axis: 6 axis (J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6) Max. payload: 5kg/ 10kg

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