3D Virtual Monitor

Machining simulation

Higher levels of automation as well as connected machines and processes make it more difficult to avoid errors. 3DVM is our digital manufacturing solution that is used to design, simulate and test the entire machining process before cutting actually starts. 
Simulation on a computer that acts just like a real machine!

Accurate 3D simulation

Our 3D Virtual Monitor software provides accurate, 3-dimensional machining simulations based on the machine and cutting programme you are using. The NC programs may come from its own Advanced One-Touch or from other sources such as CAM systems. 3DVM uses the exact specifications of your Okuma machine in order to know, in advance, if your program will safely, quickly and accurately produce the desired part. Small errors in a cutting program can have a huge impact on productivity. Ultimately, our 3DVM feature eliminates costly repairs by testing programmes before they ever hit the machine.


  • Identifies programming errors before they cause damage and avoids machine repair cost
  • Saves significant time for first part prove-out and eliminates costly machine downtime for parts programming
  • Simulates cutoff and transfer operations
  • Checks turret synchronisations quickly and efficiently
  • PC equivalent of CAS - Creates and manages model definition files offline and simply transfers the data to the actual machine tool
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