Operator Productivity

Bring out the best in your machines and your operators

Every element of our control is designed to provide increased operator productivity, no matter which Okuma CNC machine tool you are using. When you purchase an Okuma machine, you are investing in a machine of the highest quality and craftsmanship. And with Okuma’s OSP features for operator productivity, you are making a smart investment for the person who will be using this machine, too.

OSP suite

Dramatically greater machining efficiency

OSP suite is the open control interface that combines Okuma’s Intelligent Technology with various software applications. Operators can develop and smoothly integrate own as well as third-party applications for exceptional opportunities. The new intuitive interface is individually configurable for up to three operators. Users can freely organise the menus, apply shortcuts and add their own widgets. More than 30 different suite apps are ready for use with immediate access to necessary information and data.

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ECO suite

The next generation energy-saving solution

While every operator expects machining accuracy, speed, and efficiency from an Okuma machine, our ECO suite also delivers energy-saving applications right to the CNC control. With this next-generation system, machine operators have the power to monitor and manage energy-intensive operations like machine tool idling, unnecessary pump rotation, continuous running of peripheral equipment, and more. This leads to consuming less energy, which in turn increases your operation’s overall profitability.

Maintenance suite

Preventative maintenance for optimum performance

In addition to unrivalled machining control, our Maintenance suite provides a user-friendly interface for your CNC machine, one that delivers timely alerts when maintenance is necessary. Inspection location and recommended timing are shown in lists and diagrams, while relevant manuals are easily accessible with the push of a button. Our Maintenance suite allows for consistent preventive maintenance and inspection, which ensures optimum machine performance over the long run.

Advanced One-Touch IGF

Complete part programming

With Advanced One-Touch IGF, you can create a programme to optimise your machine capabilities. It allows users to describe part geometry using simple commands such as Face/Long/Groove/Thread from which the system draws the defined shape and then develops the complete part programme. The PC version of Advanced One-Touch IGF is identical to the machine’s version, so it is easy use with a minimal learning curve.


  • Advanced machining strategies to run the machine directly from the IGF source
  • Integrated self-optimising cutting database
  • Easy restart by just selecting process blocks
  • System created machining process can be customised as needed
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