Dream Sites

A factory of the future

With more than a century of expertise as a foundation, Okuma has built our futuristic Dream Site factories to deliver high-quality, highly-efficient production of machine tools. These smart factories go beyond typical processes and utilise the latest IoT practices to achieve small volume customisation with mass production efficiencies. Okuma Dream Sites open possibilities for manufacturing.

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Evolutionary automation

In the Okuma DS factories, the production schedules of cutting-edge machines, robots and automatic guided vehicle systems (AGVS) are all smoothly interweaved. As a result, it is possible to complete material input to final machining without human intervention. In addition, logistical automation of each process assures continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Front-end loading

To keep our Dream Site factories operating at peak utilisation rates, we front load as much as possible. Part programming as well as machine and robot simulations can be done in advance to minimise set-ups in the machine shop.

Factory-wide optimisation

A new production planning system, advanced methods of visualisation, real-time data processing and automation via state-of-the-art robotics enable super high-mix, low-volume production with productivity on par with that of mass production.

Self-contained start-to-finish production

Our DS factories effectively streamline work flows from initial material input to final product shipment. With a rationally arranged factory layout, we are producing a wide variety of products with speed and efficiency.

Environmental efforts

Energy efficiency is promoted with the use of wall and roof mounted solar panels with high insulating properties, LED lighting, air compressor inverter controls, electric heat pumps and other equipment. DS2 also uses geothermal energy for high-efficiency heating and cooling in the plant. Strategies to maintain a clean environment inside the factories include the use of full enclosure shielding and mist collectors on double-column machining centres, as well as automated chip collection systems that suction out chips and air convey it to the outside.

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