The future of CNC machining

Okuma’s OSP-P500 is specifically designed to meet contemporary manufacturing needs and enhance the operator experience. We made new features reality by building on our machining expertise and based on requests we received from our customers. An increasing shortage of skilled workers, growing requirements for climate neutral production and more than ever flexible, multi-variant productions are causing a sharp rise in the demand for automated, energy-saving production processes. 60 years after introducing the first OSP control, the OSP-P500 is the revolutionary answer to actual and future challenges.

The new OSP-P500!

With the new CNC control OSP-P500 you are entering a new dimension of productivity and sustainable production possibilities.

  • Easy-to-use operation, even for inexperienced users
  • Increase your productivity with a new digital twin functionality
  • Level up your sustainability possibilities with Okuma's ECO Suite Plus and Intelligent Technology
  • Secure the use of machines, regarding the IoT, from cyber attacks
  • and many more fascinating features!

The OSP-P500 grants the following features and advantages

New Design

The OSP-P500 control has a completely new design and is available with a 15-inch or 21.5-inch panel. The size of the panel depends on the machine type and the machine installation space.


Digital Twin

Start directly after programming on the machine or make the settings comfortably on the PC and use the machine for other operations in the meantime. Perfect balance of productivity and reduction of set-up and downtimes!


Easy to use like never before!

The CNC control from Okuma enables the machining processes to be determined automatically, simply by following the guidance and entering drawing information. Users without any prior experience can learn how to machine a workpiece in a single day!


OSP - Cyber Security

Protect machine processes, programs and data from cyber attacks, the OSP has advanced identification processes as well as encryption of communication and specific anti-virus measures. Additionally, data recovery measures and data backup functions are also integrated for emergencies.


Green and Smart

The ECO Suite Plus and the Intelligent Technolgies of Okuma are also part of the new control. Record and analyse the power consumption and the CO2 emissions of your machine processes. Using these information, you can easily detect and automaticlly implement power saving possibilities.


With the high-performance hardware and the optimized software, the new CNC control ensures a faster drilling cylce, a faster tool exchange and a faster axis movement. All in all, the time for machining general parts is significantly shortened.



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