Experience machines and automation solutions live at European headquarters

Okuma to host “Automation Days 2020” in Krefeld

Krefeld (Germany), 28 October 2020. Following on from the huge success of its “Turbine Machining Days”, Okuma Europe is now launching its second Covid-compliant live event of the year: on 24 and 25 November, the European representative of the world’s market leader for CNC machine tools will host “Automation Days 2020” in Krefeld. At various stations, visitors will be able to delve into the world of automation and see ARMROID machines and gantry loading systems, among others, at work with their very own eyes.

Guests will spend about four hours moving around Okuma’s European headquarters in Krefeld, always in small, fixed groups. They will be assigned a chaperone, who will stay with and guide them through the whole day, and will attend at a specific time slot on either 24 or 25 November. Thanks to headphones they will be able to follow exciting presentations and live demonstrations of various Okuma machines and find out how multiple components working in perfect harmony can improve their production activities. As the health of both customers and employees is paramount, it goes without saying that all the latest coronavirus guidelines will be observed, along with all applicable hygiene requirements and distancing rules. And as always, Okuma will ensure that all items and areas involved are regularly disinfected.

Machine demonstration in the new Engineering Centre
After a tour through various areas of the Okuma European headquarters, visitors will move on to the recently opened Engineering Centre, where five automation solutions will be ready and waiting for them. These include the 2SP-2500H twin-spindle lathe with gantry loading system for manufacturing large quantities with very fast changeover times; the LB3000EX ARMROID, which offers an impressively high level of automation from loading through to cleaning; and the LU-S1600, also featuring a gantry loading system, which allows workpieces to be machined by two tools at the same time. The MU-4000V, combined with a BMO automation solution, is the perfect choice for executing highly flexible automation tasks in 5-axis machining. Its incredible versatility makes it ideal when production needs to switch between large and small batches.

Theory and practice for efficient automation
The event will use real-world examples to give visitors some insight into all the automation opportunities that Okuma machines can offer. Also on the agenda are solutions like “Connect Plan” for creating a network of machines and “3D Virtual Monitor” for simulating production processes. Guests will then move on to the European headquarters showroom, where they can see the MULTUS B250II ARMROID series, which can take care of all aspects of turning and milling with maximum efficiency and optimum utilisation. Also available for visitors to view will be the MB-46VAE STANDROID and the MA-600HII with tower storage, two more high-performance machining centres that can handle small or medium-sized batches, as well as pallets, efficiently, safely and easily.

Further information on “Automation Days 2020” and registration options can be found at https://promo.okuma.eu/okuma-automation-days-2020/.

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