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Okuma Germany and RoboJob to hold an Automation Team Day“ ein

Cologne/Lehrensteinsfeld, 2nd September 2020. On 8th October, Okuma Deutschland GmbH together with RoboJob GmbH will be holding an Automation Team Day from 9.30 am until 1 pm. The half-day event will focus on the automation of the tried and tested Okuma CNC machines with solutions provided by their partner RoboJob. All hygiene and distancing requirements due to the coronavirus pandemic will be complied with at the event.

The automation of the machine fleet provides time and cost advantages and prevents errors caused by manual intervention. The combination of Okuma CNC machines and the automation systems offered by the Belgian supplier RoboJob provide optimal solutions for this. Both companies will be demonstrating exactly what these solutions look like on 8th October at the RoboJob Technology Centre in Lehrensteinsfeld near Heilbronn, Germany.

The right presentation for every need
After a light breakfast and a welcome speech by Jelle De Roovere, Managing Director of RoboJob GmbH, the presentations will start at 10.15 am. There will be live demonstrations of the Okuma MULTUS B400II series with RoboJob Pallet-Load system for large, heavy workpieces, as well as the universal machine Okuma LB3000 EXII with RoboJob Turn-Assist 270i which features a flexible workpiece stacker of up to 270 millimetres in diameter.

In addition, Markus Zaiser of Manfred Zaiser GmbH will be showing how he uses Okuma in conjunction with RoboJob in his company. Jochen Rühle of Blaser Swisslube GmbH will also be giving a technology presentation to guests which will explain the details of automation again in greater depth. Other talks will be dedicated to mixed production as well as robot automation for milling machines with six-sided machining.

The event will end with lunch at 1 pm.

Groups, headphones and microphones to protect against coronavirus
Groups will be formed which will move through the respective slots in a rotating system and everyone will have their own headphones and microphones. This will allow the required minimum distance between participants to be adhered to over the whole duration of the event, even with lively discussions. Okuma Germany and RoboJob will also ensure there is plenty of hand sanitiser/disinfectant products, face masks and good ventilation available, as well as the tracing of contacts.

Further information on the event and how to register can be found at

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