2SP-H series


The innovative front facing spindle of the Okuma 2SP-H series helps create the most automation-friendly lathe for small-parts production. By moving the spindle off the side and incorporating the Okuma Gantry Loader (OGL) into the production line, parts can be loaded and unloaded automatically. An extremely compact footprint improves floor space utilisation. The popular dual spindle option significantly reduces cycle time.



[ ] = Optional

Max. turning diameter [mm]


Max. turning length [mm]


Spindle speed [min-1]

6,000 [4,500]

No. of tools

2 x 12

Motor [kW]

2 x 11/7.5


M, OGL Gantry Loader

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Spindle speed [min-1]: 5,000 Motor [kW]: 2 x 15/11

Max. turning diameter [mm]: 380 Max. turning length [mm]: 230 Spindle speed [min-1]: 2,000

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