Smart machine control with integrated security solution

A comprehensive cybersecurity package for Okuma's CNC control OSP-P500

Krefeld (Germany), 14 May 2024. The increasing digitalisation and involvement of production environments are creating new points of attack for cybercrime, making essential for companies to implement appropriate protective measures. For this reason, Okuma CNC machine tools are equipped with powerful security functions as standard. They ensure optimal cybersecurity and enable a data recovery if necessary.

Intelligent control systems contribute significantly to more efficient, accurate and resource-saving production, making it easier for even inexperienced operators to perform complex machining operations. However, as machine tools become more connected, the threat of cyberattacks increases significantly, as does the number of companies affected. The risk goes far beyond production downtime and the associated financial loss. Cyberattacks can lead to the complete mechanical destruction of production technology. In the worst case, they can even endanger human lives.

Triple protection for operating processes and data
For this reason, Okuma has integrated robust security features into its intelligent, proprietary CNC control OSP-P500. The company has chosen a three-step solution. For comprehensive risk management and preventive protection, the features prevent manipulation attempts and detect anomalies and program manipulation at an early stage. Advanced user identification processes prevent unauthorised access to the control and machine interfaces, ensuring real-time protection. In addition, regular backups of the control software and data ensure reliable data backup and recovery.

Customised protection
The whitelist feature completes the security solution. Companies can determine which applications are allowed to run on the machine. In this way, Okuma meets individual production conditions as well as the highest security requirements, enabling stable, uninterrupted production at all times. Programs that are not on the list are prevented from running. This protects the machines from viruses or malware.

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