Okuma Deutschland at the Intec 2023

Okuma Deutschland to present the MULTUS B300II at the
Intec metal processing trade fair from 7 to 10 March 2023

Cologne, 13 February 2023. Okuma Deutschland will showcase its high-performance MULTUS B300II turning and milling centre for sophisticated full processing of small to medium batch sizes at the Intec trade fair in Leipzig. From 7 to 10 March 2023, visitors to Booth H14 in Hall 3 will also learn about modern production technologies, such as Intelligent Technology and Green Technology, the potential of the OSP control and the machine manufacturer's service portfolio.

With a turning diameter of 630 mm, a turning length of 900 mm and a magazine that can carry up to 120 tools, the MULTUS B300II is suitable for the flexible manufacturing of a wide range of components. In conjunction with the universal milling spindle, the powerful main spindle with a speed of 5000 min-1 ensures high productivity. What is achievable in actual use will be demonstrated at the live demo at the Okuma Booth H14, Hall 3. A complete machining operation will be demonstrated, including parts transfer to the opposing spindle and axis processing with the B axis.

Reliable, accurate, sustainable
Okuma will also demonstrate which technologies are used to improve reliability, precision and sustainability at its exhibit. Machining processes can be planned, simulated and tested using the 3D Virtual Monitor (3DVM) even before production, avoiding cost-intensive mistakes from the beginning. Using 3D models of the machine, blank and tool, the Collision Avoidance System (CAS) monitors the ongoing process.

The Intelligent Technologies on display include Machining Navi, which selects optimal cutting conditions to avoid vibrations and their impact on the workpiece, and Servonavi, which improves cycle times and accuracy when processing heavy workpieces. The Okuma 5-Axis Auto Tuning System detects and compensates for manufacturing tolerances and wear-related errors in the machine geometry. This enables a machine's precision to be maintained for many years.

Okuma also applies its Thermo-Friendly Concept for maximum precision. The system compensates for temperature fluctuations, resulting in exceptional dimensional stability in continuous, long-term operation. Time, energy and costs are saved since there is no need to warm up the machines or manually adjust settings.

These innovative technologies are also part of the Green Technology concept, which contributes to cost-effective and sustainable production. Okuma's own developed OSP control also contributes to efficient manufacturing by enabling superior ease of use, rendering performance and processing speed.

Staying competitive with Okuma technology
"It is critical to save on resources to stay competitive," says Stefan Vielsäcker, Managing Director of Okuma Deutschland, about the challenge his customers face. "Okuma is a pioneer in this respect in that we have had technologies available for many years now to help users with this. Our customers can rely on an integrated, high-performance solution because we supply everything, from software and machines to support, all from a single source."

Trade fair visitors can look forward to seeing even more from Okuma at the SolidCAM Stand B41 in Hall 3. There, the vertical 5-axis GENOS M460V-5AX machining centre will demonstrate its impressive machining rates in manufacturing high-precision parts.

Further information and free Intec tickets are available now at intec2023.okuma.de.

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