Machining Centre

This new, next generation, 5-axis vertical machining center, is specifically designed to manufacture high precision parts and deliver impressive metal removal rates in a compact design. Its solid double-column structure, full 5-axis simultaneous control and thermal stability performance give it the ability to easily cut a variety of materials. The GENOS M-5AX series features trunnion construction that offers exceptional accuracy, rigidity and table rotation speed. The spindle produces less vibration and power loss at the tool tip for outstanding surface finishes and metal removal rates. This affordable, 5-axis machine, provides high productivity and profitability in a small footprint.


[ ] = Optional

Table size [mm]

Ø 400

Spindle speed [min-1]


Axis travel [mm]

X: 762 / Y: 460 / Z: 460

No. of tools


Motor [kW]


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  • Table size [mm]
  • Spindle speed [min-1]
  • Axis travel [mm]
  • No. of tools
  • Motor [kW]

[ ] = Optional

  • Table size [mm]:Ø 400
  • Spindle speed [min-1]:15,000
  • Axis travel [mm]:X: 762 / Y: 460 / Z: 460
  • No. of tools:48
  • Motor [kW]:22/18.5


  • Table size [mm]:Ø 500
  • Spindle speed [min-1]:15,000
  • Axis travel [mm]:X: 1,050 / Y: 560 / Z: 460
  • No. of tools:60
  • Motor [kW]:22/18.5


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