Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Utilising an Okuma PALLETACE system can alleviate breaks in efficiency caused by the need for human intervention. Leaner initiatives have forced the smallest shops, and even the largest manufacturing facilities, to reevaluate their current processes in an attempt to maintain their production schedules in the most cost-effective manner possible. 


Less setup, more productivity

The Okuma modular PALLETACE-M is a standard FMS that can utilise one or multiple Okuma machining centres. Offering unmatched flexibility, the system can be upgraded at any time with additional machining centres, loading stations and pallet locations to suit ever-evolving production needs.

PALLETACE-C: Container

Reduced manpower, increased efficiency

The Okuma container PALLETACE-C features a complete FMS installed inside a container that was specifically designed to work with Okuma machining centres. Every container system comes with the necessary equipment for a fully integrated automated pallet storage and handling system, one that is unrivalled in today’s market.

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