Top productivity and machining performance for long-term operation

Okuma is developing new CNC lathe VT1000EX for heavy duty machining

Krefeld (Germany), 05 April 2022. Okuma is introducing the new model VT1000EX onto the market, a vertical CNC lathe which meets special customer requirements thanks to its really impressive machining performance. The model facilitates processing materials that are particularly hard to machine and is impressive with its extraordinary stability in long-term operation. In addition to that, reduced cycle times ensure a significant reduction in energy consumption and much lower CO2 emissions.

Top performance for demanding materials
Workpieces made of titanium, Inconel or stainless steel are characterised by their great resilience as well as their excellent heat and corrosion resistance. On the one hand, this makes them attractive materials for the aerospace industry, the energy sector, as well in production of construction machinery. On the other hand, processing them requires above average machine performance. Okuma’s newly developed VT1000EX more than meets these requirements, with its high strength machine construction and a particularly high axial thrust of up to 30 kN along the X and Z axis. With a new spindle attaining a maximum of 55 kW power and a torque of up to 5,310 Nm, the high-powered lathe enjoys a spindle power which is around twice that of conventional machines. This means that customers are proven to benefit from significantly higher productivity. For example, it was possible to attain a chip section of 6.7 mm2 when machining Inconel sample workpieces, while at the same time, halving the cycle times compared to conventional machines.

Focus on reliability and sustainability
To guarantee this high productivity, the VT1000EX has been developed for reliable continuous operation – even for heavy-duty machining. The optimised machine design with an enlarged chip discharge opening prevents the accumulation of chips in the working area. An integrated, high powered chip flushing system also even supports the removal of large chips. An additional benefit for customers is cutting the cycle times by about a half, which contributes towards greater sustainability as the power consumption and CO2 emissions from the production process are reduced by more than 30 percent. This means that the VT1000EX provides an ideal solution for companies which are striving towards being competitive, while at the same time, adhering to their environmental goals.

The new Okuma VT1000EX CNC lathe can now be ordered in Europe.

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