Top productivity for large workpieces

Okuma’s new MA-8000H machining centre enables additional automation and energy efficiency

Krefeld (Germany), 8 February 2022. By introducing the new horizontal MA-8000H machining centre on the market Okuma is able to optimally meet corporate requirements for automated manufacturing solutions for large workpieces. The particularly high powered model in the MA-H series gives customers a number of advantages: The production capacity for large workpieces has been significantly increased and productivity improved thanks to increased automation options. In addition to that, energy consumption can automatically and sustainably be drastically reduced by using special features.

The dimensions and performance capabilities of the new MA-8000H have been massively increased compared to the previous model so that its handling of very large and heavy workpieces is even better: The machine can work with a pallet size of 800 x 800 mm with axis travel of 1,400 x 1,200 x 1,350 mm and a load capacity of up to 3,000 kg. Extremely durable, powerful spindles ensure particularly high machine availability.

Increased productivity thanks to uninterrupted operation
The MA-8000H can be equipped with more additional pneumatic and hydraulic connections through the pallets making optimum use of specific requirements for unmanned operation. For example, this enables automated loading and unloading processes during machining time. The machine has also been designed so that even a very large volume of chips can be reliably removed – ensuring maximum machine capacity utilisation. The "Sludgeless Tank" option developed in-house also prevents accumulations of small chip residues in the coolant tank, significantly reducing the effort required for its cleaning. The integrated Okuma OSP-P300MA control system also makes it very easy to operate and can be supplemented with various control technology applications at the customer's request. Set-up and maintenance of the new machining centre have also been significantly simplified by a particularly user-friendly machine design.

Reduced environmental impact with maximum precision
It is becoming increasingly important to companies to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions, especially in the field of semiconductor production, renewable energies, or when manufacturing e-vehicles. Okuma meets this requirement perfectly with the new MA-8000H thanks to various energy-saving features: The proven thermo-friendly concept guarantees highest dimensional stability and accuracy – even in long-term operation. The integrated "ECO Suite plus" provides an innovative energy saving system which allows the user to monitor and adjust energy consumption and CO2 emissions in real-time. The machine automatically reduces its power consumption during idle times while maintaining stable accuracies.

Delivery of the MA-8000H will start in Europe in July, with pre-orders being accepted now.

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