The future of CNC machining - CeBIT 2017

CNC machine tools manufacturer Okuma will present their latest developments in production connectivity at this year’s CeBIT in Hannover (20-24 March). With their state-of-the-art sharing economy solutions, the single-source provider will illustrate the potential for global production granted by the Industrial Internet of Things. At Okuma’s booth, visitors will be able to select workpieces and remotely initiate and monitor the machining process taking place hundreds of kilometres from the exhibition.

With the IIoT being one of the key topics at CeBIT 2017, Okuma will present their latest solutions for interconnecting not only machines but also production plants around the world. By enabling facilities to share resources and machines, Okuma allows manufacturers to process parts they would not be able to produce in their own production site. With the ability to have components machined at the facility closest to the customer, transportation costs are lowered significantly.

Visitors to Okuma’s booth in Hannover will be able to select and remotely access machines in the manufacturer’s European headquarters showroom via Okuma’s Machine Status Monitor. This solution was developed to enable operators to check the availability of production plants and machines at their required location.

With Okuma’s machining simulation 3D virtual monitor workpieces can be programmed without the need for a machine on-site. The simulation runs various checks to make sure the workpiece can be safely and accurately produced with the selected machine tool. The data for the model is transmitted to the Okuma machine tool in the showroom and the workpiece remotely produced. Visitors can watch the machining process via a live feed.

Okuma’s booth will be located in hall 12 within the Japan Pavilion. Japan is this year’s official CeBIT partner country.

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