Putting the "smart" in "smart factory"

True to the company’s reputation as a single-source provider of CNC solutions, Okuma launched its next-generation CNC control OSP-P300A alongside their latest machine tools presented at the 28th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (November 17- November 22, 2016). To power the machines at the heart of the next generation of smart factories, the control’s CPU comes with a deep-learning infused artificial intelligence for smart self-diagnostics and preventive maintenance. Faster processing speeds, better graphics rendering and a multi-touch panel guarantee the highest operating convenience.

Okuma’s OSP-P300A was developed to facilitate smart manufacturing in tomorrow’s production environments. To enable the advanced digital communication necessary to connect hard- and software to form the ‘Internet of Things’, Okuma’s new CNC-control comes with the latest Intelligent Technology and an artificial intelligence engine at its core. The latest CPU allows calculations 1.4 times faster than previous models. With double the graphics rendering performance of earlier CPUs, the OSP-P300A displays even massive data volume 3D drawings fast. The control’s open platform meanwhile allows the creation of custom applications for individual machining requirements.

AI-run diagnostics
Okuma is the first manufacturer to introduce deep-learning infused artificial intelligence into CNC machining. The OSP-AI is integrated in the control’s CPU, thus eliminating the need for a cloud or a server. In order to take unmanned production to the next level, Okuma has equipped the OSP-P300A with the means to run highly-dependable diagnostics by itself, eliminating the need for diagnostic measuring devices or advanced knowledge of machine maintenance. By integrating AI technology with a sophisticated knowledge of basic mechanical properties and CNC analytical data, the control diagnoses axis feed failure and the presence or absence of ball-screw or ball-screw support bearing malfunctions. OSP-AI reliably identifies and locates abnormalities that are often difficult to resolve even by veteran maintenance personnel. The AI also enables preventive maintenance to effectively avoid machine breakdowns.

In addition to supporting Okuma’s Intelligent Technology applications used to stabilise machining dimensional accuracy and to optimise cutting conditions, the OSP-P300A is equipped with OSP suite apps developed to promote smart manufacturing. Support apps like a bar code reader as well as an alarm mailer make machining management highly convenient for operators. Machining preparation apps accurately calculate the cutting conditions, chuck force and more. The innovative MCS4 servo system with its ultra-high gain, high-speed control cycle provides motion control following error half of the previous system. The latest encoder delivers smooth feeds with an unrivalled 40 million (parts/rev) resolution.

Outstanding ease-of-use
To provide operators with the highest possible degree of operational ease, Okuma has developed a user interface influenced by everyday life: The multi-touch panel with its two-finger screen operations and smooth gloves-on fingertip control is inspired by modern smartphone-technology, making it feel instantly familiar and intuitive.

The OSP-P300A is available now.

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