MULTUS B250II - Intelligent Multitasking

Okuma Corporation has developed the MULTUS B250II, a compact, easy-to-use intelligent multitasking machine with outstanding machining capacity. The MULTUS B250II is equipped with an 8-inch spindle, the size for which there is the highest level of need. It combines a compact size, high machining capacity, and good operability for any machinist - a multitasking machine suited to a wide range of shop floors.

Its floor space of 7 m2 is among the smallest in its class; width of 3,190 mm × depth of 2,210 mm. The maximum working range includes a machining diameter up to 600 mm and machining length up to 750 mm. Y-axis travel is also among the longest in the class, at 200 mm. For machining capacity, its spindle motor with output of 22 kW provides powerful, heavy-duty cutting and a milling spindle with output of 12 kW significantly raises productivity of small and medium-sized parts.

The various functions of the “OSP suite,” a next-generation CNC, include the Thermo-Friendly Concept that maintains stable machining accuracy over long times, the Collision Avoidance System for safe machining assurance for any operator, the “Maintenance suite” with visual control of maintenance activities, and the “ECO suite” next-generation energy-saving system. The MULTUS B250II is packed with these advanced Okuma Intelligent Technologies to support smart manufacturing.

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