GENOS M460V-5AX - Excellent performance in a smaller footprint

Okuma adds the GENOS M460V-5AX to its ever-growing portfolio. With its simultaneous 5-axis machining capability, the affordable machining centre delivers swift and efficient parts production for the tightest tolerances. When manufacturing complex aerospace components or performing one-chuck multi-sided operations, operators benefit from superior quality and capability without having to compromise to reduce costs.

Made in Japan and based on Okuma’s best-selling machining centre MU-400VII, the new next-generation vertical machining centre GENOS M460V-5AX enables full 5-face machining for increased geometrical accuracy, fewer set-ups and reduced lead-times. If no 5-axis simultaneous machining is required, the machine can be operated like a 3-axis machining centre. Its high-speed spindle offers maximum productivity at 15,000 min-1. With rapid traverse speeds of 40 m/min (ipm) for the X and Y axes and 32 m/min (ipm) for the Z axis, the machining centre effectively reduces cycle times. This performance is further enhanced by feedrates of 14,400 and 18,000 deg/min in the A and C axes, respectively.

Constructed for uncompromised performance
With its innovative double-column structure, the sturdy machining centre offers an exceptionally small footprint of 2,160 × 2,810 mm. With a full 5-axis simultaneous control system and a thermally stable design, operators are granted the ability to process even the most challenging materials and geometries.

High-precision ball screws generate roller guide movement to all three axes. They are directly coupled to Okuma servomotors, which match the electrical and mechanical prerequisites to meet performance requirements with uncompromising precision. Utilising a hypoid gear drive, the first-rate trunnion construction offers excellent positioning accuracy, rigidity and table rotation speed.

The machine‘s thermo-friendly structure allows it to maintain high dimensional accuracy when the room temperature changes. It stabilises thermal deformation and automatically shortens warm-up time. The need for dimensional correction during machine restart is reduced significantly.

Versatile use in a wide range of applications
The GENOS M460V-5AX meets a variety of application requirements, as it is able to process a wide range of materials including titanium, aluminium and light alloys. Workpieces range from die/moulds to small precision parts. The spindle motor design produces less vibration and power loss at the tool tip, which yields excellent surface finishes and impressive metal removal rates.

Okuma’s OSP suite allows for easy programming of 5-face machining operations and grants access to the manufacturer’s performance-enhancing Intelligent Technology applications, such as the chatter-reducing Machining Navi and 5-Axis Auto Tuning System for compensating geometrical errors.

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