A new generation of smart factory - Dream Site 2

The Okuma Corporation has started production at their highly-sophisticated new headquarters factory Dream Site 2 (DS2) in Oguchi, Japan. As of March 2017, the self-contained facility enables 24/7-production of all parts for small and medium lathes and grinders. More than ever, the technologically advanced factory embodies the CNC provider’s monozukuri approach – the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement.

Okuma has been at the forefront of automated production for years, implementing their extensive workplace know-how as well as cutting-edge technologies, such as big data, AI and their performance-enhancing Intelligent Technology applications to create IoT-based smart factories. As one of the first start-to-finish facilities, Okuma’s Dream Site 1 (DS1) opened in 2013, enabling fully-automated high-mix, low-volume production while maintaining production efficiency on par with that of mass production.

For Dream Site 2, Okuma has invested ten billion Yen (about eight million Euros) to take smart manufacturing to yet another level. With a floor-space of 11,000 m², the facility offers more than enough room for all production stages. By connecting their latest smart machines with state-of-the-art robotics in an advanced IoT-environment, Okuma has further increased automation and efficiency. In the past, using robots for machining system s for high-mix, low-volume production has been problematic. By consolidating processes, DS2 enables the use of robots in a completely unmanned parts machining system.

Each of the manufactured parts is labelled with a workpiece-ID to allow for seamless identification and quick instructions throughout all processing stages – up to and including logistics.  

The entire production progress as well as the machines’ operation status are visualised to allow for data analysis in real time, enabling immediate adjustments to achieve highly efficient ultra-high-mix, low-volume production of machine tools. Thus, DS2 constantly evolves to ensure maximum performance around the clock. 

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