An Overview

Okuma’s SERVONAVI is a high-precision technology that improves cycle times and accuracy when machining heavy parts. This technology can be applied on all Okuma double column, vertical, and horizontal machining centers.

Work Weight Auto Setting
On previous machining centers, actual table feed acceleration varied with different table loads (workpiece, fixture). SERVONAVI’s Work Weight Auto Setting function automatically estimates table loads to adjust for the best acceleration speed – and achieve faster cycle times.

Reversal Spike Auto Adjustment
Machine tool utilisation times and slide loads vary from the ideal servo control settings determined at initial machine delivery. This may produce crease marks at motion reversals and affect part surface quality. SERVONAVI’s Reversal Spike Auto Adjustment compensates for slide load variations, and with optimised servo control, maintains the required CNC machining accuracies (surface quality).

Vibration Auto Adjustment
Noise or vibration may occur when machine conditions change over time. SERVONAVI’s Vibration Auto Adjustment makes the required adjustments for the changed conditions to effectively eliminate noise and vibration.