Spindle Repair

Spindle failures are the worst case scenario for each machinist. Repairs always spoil calculations, cost time, and jeopardise delivery. The spindle repair facility at our Europe Headquarters is fully equiped for testing and running-in. In case of a spindle breakdown in one of the 28,000 Okuma machines installed across Europe, the run-in replacement spindles in Krefeld shorten delivery to customers to 1-2 days. This advance replacement saves money and gives our technicians the time needed for analysis and possible repair of the defective spindle. A total of more than 360 exchange spindles, B-axis and gear boxes are kept on stock and are ready for shipping within 24 hours. The repair of machining centre/multitasking spindles usually takes no longer than five days. Okuma extends three years of warranty for newly purchased machines’ spindles and two years for repair/exchange spindles.