OSP-P300A – The Next-Generation Intelligent CNC

Features you wanted – loaded with new OSP suite apps

We made new features reality by building on our machining expertise and based on requests we received from customers in the machine shop. These features are filled with intelligence that enhances the "strength in the field" which our CNC control can accomplish because it is created by a machine tool manufacturer.

Turn-Cut Guide (Optional)
Making new machining technology simpler and easier to use

Turn-Cut is an innovation from Okuma that enables turning using the milling spindle. It makes possible surfaces that taper and have any varying diameter shape using a single tool through advanced synchronized control, as well as machining inner and outer diameters greater than the largest tool diameter. After the cutting conditions that follow graphic guidance have been set, putting in the spindle speed yields calculation of roundness at that speed. Putting in roundness provides calculation of the optimal spindle speed for achieving the input value.

Spindle Output Monitor
Increased productivity through visualization of motor power reserve

The specified spindle output (red line: short time rating, green line: continuous rating) and the spindle output in current cutting (blue circle) are simultaneously displayed on the screen, for real-time view of power reserve during cutting. This allows speeding up cutting by increasing the spindle speed or feedrate while monitoring the graph to ensure that the blue circle does not cross the lines.

Chuck Pressure Calculation
Calculation of required theoretical values based on input of chuck and cylinder types

The proper chucking pressure is essential for maintaining both work safety and machining accuracy, but calculation is complicated and troublesome. With this new app, selecting the chuck and cylinder type and setting the cutting conditions according to the graphical guidance delivers a calculation of the theoretical chuck pressure for ensuring the required grip force under those conditions.

Smooth, comfortable operation like using a smart phone

Improved rendering performance and use of a multi-touch panel achieve intuitive graphical operation. Moving, enlarging, reducing, and rotating 3D models, as well as list views of tool data, programs and other information can be accomplished through smooth, speedy operations with the same feel as using a smart phone.

Momentum scrolling for finding target items with ease
When scrolling rapidly through screens, scrolling does not stop immediately when the finger releases the screen, but persists for a certain time. This function makes it easier to find a target item in a list view of items such as tools or program files.

Functions accessible using multi-touch panel operations:
Collision Avoidance System, Easy Modeling, Advanced One-Touch IGF, PDF/STL Viewer, data views, program-file list-view operations, program-editing operations.