ECO suite

The next generation energy-saving solution

ECO Idling Stop
Effectively stops machine tool idling: utilising the technology of Okuma’s Thermo-Friendly Concept, the machine determines whether or not cooling is necessary. In order to accurately regulate the temperature, ECO Idling Stop checks each cooling unit on the milling and turning spindles individually. When cooling is complete, the cooling units automatically stop while accuracy remains stable. Each idling stop unit can be adjusted individually, starting with unused units at the completion of machining.

ECO Hydraulics
Reduces power consumption by up to 63%: by applying servo control technology to hydraulic units with precision control, ECO Hydraulics is able to achieve super low rotation speeds while maintaining accurate control.

ECO Power Monitoring
Visualises energy savings: ECO Power Monitoring grants the operator a real-time look at the benefits of ECO Idling Stop. The machine tool’s display shows power consumption for spindles, feed axes and peripheral equipment.