LOC series


So precisely designed for the needs of the oil industry, the LOC series is named for the specifications driving its development: Lathe Oil Country. The LOC series configuration makes it possible to perform the tightest threading functions on big pipes with precision and speed. Each machine in this series has three spindle bore variations specifically designed and is able to accommodate large diameter pipes. Okuma's Oil Field "Threading suite" is custom-designed to combine variable speed threading and harmonic spindle control that delivers an exact match between infeed patterns and cutting increments. Okuma lathes are known for their power and control. Though huge in scale, the LOC series delivers Okuma precision with optimum efficiency.



[ ] = Optional

Max. turning diameter [mm]

500, 650

Max. turning length [mm]


Spindle speed [min-1]

500, 350

No. of tools

Upper: 12 / Lower: 8

Motor (VAC) [kW]

45/37 [55/45]

Rapid traverse [m/min]

X: 5 / Z: 10

Floor space [mm]

7,055 x 3,129

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Max. turning diameter [mm]: 660 Max. turning length [mm]: 1,930, 1,980, 1,990 Spindle speed [min-1]: 2,000, 1,500, 1,000

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