MB-V series


The basis for all Okuma vertical machining centers, the ACE CENTER MB-V series sets the bar for efficiency, utility, and high speed. Among the fastest in the industry. An impressive thermal stability and zero table overhang allow for tight tolerances and extreme accuracy. The ergonomic front-access design of the Okuma MB-V series requires minimal floor space while yielding maximum results. In addition, the MB-V series is environmentally friendly, requiring no hydraulic fluid. Construction optimisation based on FEM analysis and a rapid spindle traverse with Hi-G acceleration combine to create a solid, nimble machine that delivers on its promise of speed and accuracy, time and time again.



[ ] = Optional

No. of tools

20 [32], [48], [98]

Motor [kW]

11/7.5 [22/18.5, 30/22]


APC, Connectable with Standroid

Table size [mm]

1,530 x 660

Axis travel [mm]

X: 1,500 / Y: 660 / Z: 660

Spindle speed [min-1]

8,000, 6,000 [15,000, 20,000, 25,000, 35,000]

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MB-V series

Zugehörige Produkte

Table size [mm]: 1,600 x 800 Axis travel [mm]: X: 1,600 / Y: 1,050 / Z: 600 Spindle speed [min-1]: 12,000, [15,000], [20,000]

Features: APC, Connectable with Standroid Table size [mm]: 1,300 x 560 Axis travel [mm]: X: 1,050 / Y: 560 / Z: 460

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