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Okuma coordinates shipping of exchange parts to customers in more than 30 countries. We usually deliver components within 24 hours, effectively reducing expensive downtime to a minimum. Okuma's unique position as the industry's only single-source provider extends to our understanding of service, which encompasses spare part delivery, preventive machine maintenance, spindle repair and exchange, board repair as well as local support from certified service technicians all over Europe.

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Spindle Repair

Our spindle repair facility is fully equipped for testing and running-in. In case of a spindle breakdown the run-in replacement spindles in Krefeld shorten delivery to customers to 1-2 days. This advance replacement saves money and gives our technicians the time needed for analysis and possible repair of the defective spindle. A total of more than 360 exchange spindles, B-axis and gear boxes are kept on stock and are ready for shipping within 24 hours. The repair of machining centre/multitasking spindles usually takes no longer than five days. Okuma extends three years of warranty for newly purchased machines’ spindles and two years for repair/exchange spindles.

Board Repair

Okuma’s Board Repair facility makes repair of electronic units usually available in three days. The team repairs drivetrains and boards with the help of original components for various Okuma controls from the OSP 7000 series onward. Because Okuma designs and builds both machines and controls, you will receive diagnosis and repair from a single source. That gets production back up and running quickly and efficiently. All repairs are performed by certified Okuma technicians using OEM replacement parts and are guaranteed for 12 months.

Spare Parts

Okuma provides a wide safety net of options that provide speedy access to our large global parts inventory for OEM Certified original parts. Our extensive global inventory enables us to achieve a service parts fill rate greater than 95%, meaning it’s likely the part you need is on hand and ready for delivery. To allow for constant availability and "just-in-time" delivery, 35,000 different spare parts are in store with a value of 19 million Euros. Besides the main stock in Krefeld, over 30 local distributors store more than 100,000 spare parts worth 9.5 million Euros to cover customers’ short-term requirements. If needed, we can also tap into stocked inventory at Okuma’s parts departments in Japan and the US, and have the parts shipped directly to you.


At Okuma, we always have a vast variety of machines on stock to answer to the most common market demands. Need extra options? We can order the necessary parts and customise the machine in our engineering centre, where we can accomplish up to ten machine retrofits per month. This means a lead time reduction of six months compared to ordering a new machine from Japan. Our engineering centre also offers an on-site training facility, where Okuma staff and distributors receive practical training on the machines. These multi-level courses are mandatory, so you are sure to receive immediate assistance from local professionals.

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