Swiss precision made in Japan – How an Okuma CNC grinder improves manufacturing quality

Swiss manufacturer Giger produces compression rollers for digital printing machines. Since the order situation tripled, the company had to increase its manufacturing capabilities. As the grinding applications had previously been outsourced to external suppliers, this was a great opportunity to integrate grinding into the own production.

Convincing service, famous reliability

Giger has owned Okuma CNC lathes for a long time and has used them very successfully. Still today, the company is happy with Okuma’s excellent service and the machines’ outstanding reliability. When Okuma assured its support during the run-in process, picking an Okuma CNC grinder was an easy choice.

Improved manufacturing quality

Since the Okuma grinder GP-34FII x1000 started operations, a lot has changed for the Swiss company. Without the need for external suppliers, production deadlines are met very reliably, and manufacturing quality has significantly improved. Now, the compression rollers possess a significantly better surface quality and cylindricity. The close tolerances are achieved without a direct measuring system.

No wear detectable

Just three years after the purchase of the CNC grinding machine, Giger already amortised the investment. The main reason for the quick amortisation is the exceptional reliability of the CNC machine tool. In its four years of service, no downtimes occurred, no wear part had to be exchanged and the grinder still works like new. Giger is happy to continue their cooperation with Okuma and has recently purchased an additional LB3000 EX II CNC lathe which started operations in June 2019.

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