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STANDROID, a simplified robot package that provides automation in high-mix low-/medium­ volume production (HML/MV). This next-generation robot system can fundamentally change the various issues facing manufacturing today. STANDROID's easy robot operation and compact space are the features that have lowered the hurdles robot automation had faced until now. In addition, it is the ease of operation with a package of functionality designed for improving the productivity of small and medium lots beyond normal part transfer arrangements. That automation will enable humans to perform higher value-added activities, and focus on future challenges.



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Connectable with MB-46V, MB-56V, GENOS M460V, GENOS M560V, GENOS L3000, MU-S600V, MU-4000V, Collision Avoidance System

Control axis

6 axis (J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6)

Max. payload

5kg/ 10kg

Max. working range



+/- 0.06mm

Environmental specification

Main axis IP65

End effector stocker

3 End effector

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Prodotti correlati

Opzioni: Connectable with LB3000 EXII L T, L C500, M T, M C500, MY T, MY C450, Connectable with MULTUS B250II, Collision Avoidance System Control axis: 4 axis (J1, J2, J3, J4) Max. payload: 10kg

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