How Okuma revolutionises grinding long parts

Have you ever experienced problems grinding the inner diameter of long workpieces? This is especially bothersome when the workpiece is almost finished and grinding ruined everything at the last minute. Okuma enables you to avoid this with the help of overlaying oscillation. Grinding workpieces possessing deep bore holes with small diameters (high L/D ratio) can be a real challenge. Parts like these are needed in various industries. Ranging from hydraulic or pneumatic parts to automotive components like injection nozzles and many more, these workpieces pose several problems when it comes to grinding.

What makes grinding long diameters so hard?

The biggest problem when grinding workpieces with a high L/D ratio is that the grinding mandrel bends. As a worst-case scenario, this leads to a conically shaped workpiece instead of the desired cylindrical shape. A bending mandrel also creates a poor surface quality. This is especially counterproductive as grinding is used when exceptionally high surface qualities are needed.

The solution: overlaying oscillation!

Okuma has developed an innovative solution to tackle this problem. For best grinding results, Okuma grinders offer an overlaying oscillation of the z-axis. The oscillation with up to 400 motions per minute enables you to grind with a lower contact pressure of the grinding mandrel. This reduces the bending force to a minimum. Higher removal rates, shorter cycle times and a substantially better surface finish in comparison to conventional traverse grinding are the result. This technology is available on all Okuma CNC grinders. You can activate it simply by using the Okuma control. The choice between oscillation and a traversing motion is all yours.

Innovative guideways make it possible

This valuable technology is made possible by Okuma’s innovative guideway design. The 5-sided hydrostatic guideway works friction-free and provides unmatched follow-up accuracy. With the large distance between its two guideways, it also possesses vibration damping properties, further improving the manufacturing quality. The closed structure ensures that top and bottom stay in place which contributes to the guideway’s accuracy and also increases durability.

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