Spare Parts

Okuma provides a wide safety net of options that provide speedy access to our large global parts inventory for OEM Certified original parts. Our extensive global inventory enables us to achieve a service parts fill rate greater than 95%, meaning it’s likely the part you need is on hand and ready for delivery.

To allow for constant availability and "just-in-time" delivery of spare parts, Okuma has recently invested in large storage facilities with a new mobile racking system. Over 1,000 m2 of additional floor space, more than 1,800 pallet spaces and six new lifting systems have been set up to store 35,000 different spare parts with a value of 19 million €. Besides the main stock in Krefeld, our 32 local distributors store more than 100,000 spare parts worth 9.5 million € to cover customers’ short-term requirements. If needed, we can also tap into stocked inventory at Okuma’s parts departments in Japan and the US, and have the parts shipped directly to you.