DS2 - Dream Site 2

Dream Site 2 enables efficient high-mix, low volume production on a par with mass production

Incorporating the learnings from the state-of-the-art smart factory of DS1, we have now invested about eight million Euros to further our ability for automated production of highly diverse product mixes in low quantities, thus providing the parts for a wide range of Okuma products.

We are very satisfied with the performance of DS2. Since the facility’s opening in May, we were able to increase the productivity of our parts production by 30 % and shorten lead times by half. We will continue to invest in new ways to improve IoT-based production facilities.

We are well aware that our customers are facing the same bottlenecks in terms of high-mix, low volume production. This is why we are using the know-how obtained from constructing DS1 and DS2 to provide customers with equally state-of-the-art manufacturing abilities. Okuma’s Smart Factory Solutions are designed to enhance the entire planning and manufacturing process, providing the same means of visualisation and data processing used at our own smart factories.