Okuma History

1898 Inventor Eiichi Okuma founds his own business, the Okuma Noodle Machine Co., to manufacture and sell noodle-making machines
1904 Manufacture and sales of machine tools start

Establishment of Okuma Machinery Works Ltd.
Launch of sales of OS lathe

1937 Okuma's machine tool production (value) of machine tools becomes No.1 in Japan
1963 Development of the Okuma Control (OSP) with absolute position feedback encoder
Becoming Japan's only comprehensive manufacturer of both Machine & Control
1966 Manufacture of LA-N NC lathes and MDB double-column machining centers starts
1974 Manufacture of MCM double-column machining centers (5-sided applications) starts
1975 Manufacture of LS-N NC lathes starts
1976 USA and Europe liaison offices open
1980 Main operations relocate from the old headquarters plant (Nagoya) to Oguchi
1982 Manufacture of LB15 NC lathes starts
1987 Establishment of Okuma Machine Tools Inc. in the US (manufacturing)
1988 Okuma Europe GmbH is established in Germany
1991 Corporate name changes to Okuma Corporation
1995 Okuma America Corporation is established in the US
1997 Okuma Nanjing office opens
Okuma South Germany Resource Center opens
Okuma Latino Americana Ltda. is established
Tatung-Okuma Co. Ltd. is established (Taiwan, manufacturing)
1998 Manufacture of SPACE TURN series NC lathes starts
2000 The IT PLAZA is launched, a new IT manufacturing system Okuma Techno (Thailand) is established
2001 Manufacture of ACE CENTER MB-V series vertical machining centers starts
Okuma Australia Pty is established (liaison since 1973)
Okuma Machinery (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is established
2002 BYJC-OKUMA (Beijing) Machine Tool Co. Ltd. is established (manufacturing)
Okuma Technical Centre South is established in Germany
2003 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Award for "Thermal Deformation Compensation System," the core of the Thermo-Friendly Concept
2005 3-company integration (Okuma, Okuma & Howa and Okuma Engineering)
2006 4-company merger (Okuma Holdings, Okuma, Okuma & Howa and Okuma Engineering)
2007 K5 Factory (Kani Plant) is completed
Okuma India Pvt Ltd. is established
Okuma Technical Centre East is established in Austria
2008 Global CS Center, Okuma Memorial Gallery, Logistics Center is built
2009 Okuma Technical Centre Moscow is established in Russia
2013 Okuma Technical Centre Paris is established in France
Dream Site 1 (DS1) is completed

Okuma Vietnam Co., Ltd. is established
Okuma's OSP suite is launched

2015 Brand message "OPEN POSSIBILITIES" is introduced
2016 Manufacture of LASER EX series
2017 Dream Site 2 (DS2) is completed