Welcome to Okuma

Pushing the evolution of manufacturing. That is our mission.
Since our founding, Okuma has delivered machine tools to the world and has played a part in the development of the manufacturing industry. Building on that history, our wish is to always be proactive in expanding the possibilities of a wide variety of manufacturing. We will continue our challenge of providing everyone engaged in manufacturing with the means to perform applications with more freedom and thereby achieve even greater dreams and hopes.

OPEN POSSIBILITIES – This means “Opening possibilities through manufacturing.”

Onward to the future of manufacturing.
Our history began with the step from noodle-making machines to machine tools. That has evolved into the integration of Machine & Control through the addition of electrical control technology, and then the integration of Machine, Control & Information through IT computerization. Now, through intelligent technology and the use of artificial intelligence, we are opening yet another new door. Looking ahead, Okuma will continue to stand on the frontline and take on the challenge of manufacturing innovation.


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